Careers Abroad – Why Cyprus?

Thinking of moving your career abroad but haven’t decided where? If you’re thinking of making a move to somewhere that offers stability, safety and sunshine then Cyprus is the place for you!

The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern part of the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean and is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. It’s popular amongst expats for several reasons and I wanted to share these with you…


1. Safety first

Cyprus remains one of the safest EU countries to live in, with many British expats now staying on the island admitting that Cyprus’ safety levels are extremely higher than the UK. Whilst crimes such as petty theft are inevitable, the crime rate across the island is very low allowing you to carry on with your life without fear of travelling alone or late at night.


2. Relaxed pace and exceptional quality of life

The Greek phrase “Siga Siga” is often used on the island and translates directly to “Slowly, Slowly” which sums up the pace in Cyprus. Locals believe the finer things in life should not be rushed, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing, panic free lifestyle making every day feel like you’re on vacation.


3. Ample sunshine and warm temperatures

Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate with blistering summers and mild winters. The residents of the island experience close to 340 days of golden sunshine in a year. Summers last for a minimum of 7 months, starting in early April and last until the end of October. It is rare to see a cloud in the sky from early June to September. Cypriots are very proud of the fact that in their country you can go skiing and take a dip in the ocean on the same day. From January to March expats travel to the mountains of Troodos for skiing followed by a refreshing swim in the seam.


4. Fantastic for families

This island is a great place to raise children. It is possible for children to play outdoors without their parents having to worry about them, as the overall environment all over the country is generally safe and secure. Cyprus has state-sponsored education as well as private and international schools. The public and private systems are both open and accessible to expats, and parents usually decided according to their expectations surrounding cost, language and curriculum.


5. Healthcare standards

The Cyprus’ National Healthcare System offers free medical care at the point of delivery for everyone. Emergency treatment at government hospitals is provided free of charge to everyone, including foreign nationals. However, subsequent in-patient treatment costs will have to be paid by those who don’t qualify for free treatment. The best part for expats is that almost all medical professionals have received at least some part of their training overseas and are fluent in English.

Most expats enjoy a higher standard of life as residents of this island since they have a better climate, better healthcare and safety and higher purchasing power than the global average. There is a huge population of foreigners based in Cyprus, primarily because of the reasons listed above. Another plus point is that it is easy for them to settle in because of the large number of expat communities across the region. Moreover, there is plenty to see and do no matter the time of year!


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