Careers Abroad - Why Luxembourg?

Meraki Talent are currently recruiting for several opportunities in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States, the premier captive reinsurance market in the European Union and the premier private banking centre in the Eurozone. The financial sector is the largest contributor to the Luxembourg economy. With Luxembourg being one of the most sought-after locations in Europe to relocate to, we wanted to explore and share the reasons for it being so desirable!


Living in Luxembourg

Life in Luxembourg is surely different from what most people might be used to. The country offers a high quality of life and lots of culture.  The social security system which all residents in Luxembourg benefit from is comprehensive. It covers family benefits, unemployment insurance, work accident insurance, health care, old age and disability pensions as well as long-term care insurance. Employees and the self-employed are automatically enrolled in their respective state social security system and, in most of cases, benefits extend to family members too! Luxembourg is politically stable, enjoys a low unemployment rate and has a healthy economy. In addition to this, Luxembourg is well known for the safety of the town.



As a capital city, Luxembourg offers a wide variety of events and first-class facilities in the arts, culture and sporting arenas. Luxembourg regularly hosts music concerts, art displays, along with many annual fêtes, fairs and other customs dating back to the Middle Ages. Finally, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of restaurants and cuisines in Luxembourg. It is widely regarding as having excellent quality restaurants with varied international influences.


Luxembourg Tax

Luxembourg income tax rates for individuals are among the lowest in Europe, resulting in Luxembourg becoming known for being a tax haven. Based on average income statistics and the income tax rate, the standard of living in Luxembourg is relatively high but taxes in Luxembourg are comparatively low compared to neighbouring European countries making it a highly desirable and affordable destination!


The economy is doing great

The economy of Luxembourg is primarily reliant on the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. Luxembourgers enjoy the second highest per capita gross domestic product in the world, behind Qatar. Although Luxembourg in tourist literature is aptly called the "Green Heart of Europe", it also has a highly industrialized and export-intensive area. Luxembourg's economy is quite similar to Germany's.


Public transport in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy has an excellent and well developed public transport network. This includes a railway network connecting the most important cities and towns in the country. Public bus transport is also excellent and offers great coverage. Many municipalities also offer public transport services such as the City Bu within their own area. Arrangements such as the Late-Night Bus are also on available.  


Working in Luxembourg

Working in Luxembourg has long been an attractive option for expats who want to benefit from the low unemployment rate, the low inflation, and the country’s solid growth. As much as Luxembourg might be the green heart of Western Europe, expats mostly benefit from the strong, high-tech-driven service sector of the country and the recently introduced special tax exemptions for expats working in Luxembourg.


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