Careers Abroad - Why Malta?

Have you thought about moving abroad to further your professional experience and enhance your lifestyle? Meraki Talent are currently recruiting for many opportunities in Malta so I wanted to share some information about why you should consider this fantastic location.  

Malta is a beautiful island located about 50 miles sound of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta may be the smallest of the EU nations but it has plenty to offer including boasting a top-ranked healthcare system, 300 days of sunshine per year, a booming economy and a friendly population. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider Malta as a great location to relocate to:


1. Life is affordable
Living in a beautiful sun-soaked island doesn’t need to be expensive! Rental prices, groceries, dining out and travel are all extremely affordable when compared to most western countries. Rental apartments are readily available and reasonably priced and most Maltese rentals come furnished so you can just move right in without bringing anything. Taxes are relatively low as well.


2. Safety
Malta has an incredibly low crime rate - only 0.3 violent crime per 1,000 inhabitants. Within the EU, only Cyprus has a comparable rate so Malta is literally one of the two safest places in the EU! For the most part, women can walk around at 10 or 11 pm on the main streets alone without concern. The safety offered is excellent, especially if you are moving with your family.


3. The language 
English is an official language of Malta meaning it’s easy to adapt and settle in. All government documents, road signs, menus, and official forms are written in English! English is also spoken in shops, bars and restaurants so it’s very easy to communicate! Genuinely, if you move to Malta not speaking a word of Maltese and be able to travel and live here with ease. It’s also easy to make friends in Malta, especially if you’re an expatriate. Neighbours and even strangers are very willing to stop and help you if you’re having a problem.


4. The lifestyle & weather 
The lifestyle is laid back. Many professional services companies work shorter hours during the summer months to allow their staff to make the most of the sunshine (not that you will be short of it with 300 days of sunshine per year!) You are never more than 15 minutes away from the nearest beach which offer some of the cleanest waters to swim in! Malta usually doesn’t get rain for four straight months!


5. The annual leave
In Malta, you are entitled to 24 days’ statutory minimum leave and 14 public holidays, making Maltese employees some of the luckiest in the world when it comes to time off work!


6. The economy 
The economy in Malta is in great shape! So far in 2017, it’s been growing and improving every month. In quarter 2 (until June) the annual economic growth accelerated to 8.5 percent! The EU are currently funding a long list of restoration and growth projects to make the island cleaner, more organized and more attractive! Valletta has been named the European Culture Capital for 2018 and there is excitement in the air for the future!

Like every place, there are pros and cons to living in Malta. However, from the list above, it’s plain to see that the list of pros is extensive and expansive! Malta is a friendly destination which thrives on welcoming expats to their country to settle. The Maltese are known as one of the nicest and kindest group of people you could ever meet and if you take the leap and make the move, you are sure not to regret it! Why wouldn’t you?


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