Careers Abroad - Why Sweden?

Meraki Talent are currently recruiting for a number of opportunities in Scandinavia, particularly in Stockholm, Sweden. With Sweden being one of the most sought-after locations in Europe to relocate to, we wanted to explore the reasons for this...


1. The benefits are regularly voted among the best in the world

Swedes value their work/life balance so whilst they work hard during the working week, they recognize that spending quality time with friends and family and having time to yourself are important factors.

Paid vacation time in Sweden is among the highest in the world, beating the other Scandinavian countries as well as New Zealand, the UK, France, etc. Some of our clients offer 27 days annual leave PLUS 16 days public holidays.


2. Equality is valued

When it comes to equality between the sexes, Sweden is one of the leaders. Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of Swedish society. The aim of Sweden’s gender equality policies is to ensure that everyone enjoys the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all areas of life. For example: in Sweden, couples are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave, and this time can be shared equally between parents.


3. Higher taxes without complaints!

Income tax in Sweden is higher in comparison to other European countries and the rest of the world - in Stockholm, the standard income tax rate is 30%¬¬¬. This being said, residents rarely complain as the services are so good. Healthcare, Benefits, Education, Transport, etc – the quality is fantastic so people believe it’s worth it. Nobody likes to pay tax but at least you can see the value here!


4. The economy is doing great

The Swedish economy is growing strongly, with unemployment trending downward and living standards among the highest in the world. A surge in the pace of growth in the second quarter of 2017 means Sweden's GDP expanded by a whopping 4% from a year earlier!


 5. Winter is beautiful in Sweden

Most people say the winter is cold and dark. True, but Sweden has so much to offer during the winter and nature makes winter fresh and beautiful.

Winter sports are HUGE in Sweden - go cross country skiing in nature, ice skating, SHL is big there too.

And summer is even better….

Temperatures can reach a high 30 degrees and with the city beaches, Sweden becomes an amazing place to spend the summer. In Stockholm, they set up free areas to swim and even temporary beaches so you are never far away from the summer lifestyle. In the north, you even have the chance for 24 hours of sunlight!


6. Public transport is great

The transport network in Stockholm, is so good and widespread, that you don’t need a car of your own. The SL transport network is huge and covers a vast amount of Stockholm. At the weekends, the public transport there runs 24/7, and through the weeks, it starts around 5:30am and stops around midnight.

Just like London, there is a travel card system where travellers can either add credit and pay per trip, or add an unlimited period pass.


7. Relaxed life

Swedes place a huge focus on a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. Stressing less, spending quality time with friends and family, and developing personal skills are important values there and help make Stockholm a vibrant place to be.

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