Four top tips for interview prep

Let’s state the obvious. A job interview involves a lot more than just talking about yourself.

You need to prepare. Yes, the interviewer is going to be thinking “can this person do this job?”, but they’re also considering whether you’ll fit in with the rest of the team and whether you’ve got the commitment to do it.

So, to put yourself in the best position, here are our four top tips for preparing for an interview:

  1. Research and deconstruct the role profile – sounds complicated but it’s quite straightforward. Simply draw a line down a piece of paper and on the left side list all the skills and qualities the employer has listed in the profile. Then, on the right, match your own skills and qualities to their requirements, and jot down where you can give examples. It’s also handy to note any terminology you’re not sure of and look it up. Also, check if the role mentions any competencies required for the role – it’s pretty likely that these will crop up in a competency based interview
  2. Research the employer – how can you know you want to work for them if you don’t know much about them? Do you know what they do, what their objectives are, what their values are? The more you can show your knowledge of them at an interview, the more genuinely interested you appear as you’ve taken time to get to know it. And, crucially, the more you can align what you say to match their business. So, where can you look? Read the employers website, look at news releases, do a google search, read their annual report, look at their social media channels. You might also check if you know anyone who has worked there on Linkedin, or a friend who can introduce you to have a chat before the interview
  3. Research yourself – painful we know, but it’s very helpful to pinpoint what you really want out of a job and what gets you leaping out of bed in the morning. So, ask yourself what you’ve learned in the last year and what achievement you’re most proud of. Think about why you’re wanting to move job, and what you can contribute. Giving thought to this in advance stops you stumbling over these questions in an interview. Don’t forget that you need to know your CV inside out, as the interviewer will have it in front of them, and remember to check that your social media channels aren’t going to let you down. 60% of employers now check your social media before an interview.
  4. Rehearse – take some time to practice what you want to say at interview. You’re then much more likely to succeed on the day. This one comes with a health warning though: don’t over rehearse – you want to sound natural, not like a parrot!


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