Are salaries slowing or soaring? Take a look at our Salary Guide for Financial Services in Scotland

Within the ever-changing sector of financial services, it’s crucial to map the market and stay up-to-date on recent trends. To help our clients and candidates across the Financial Services sector in Scotland our team have been working extra hard collating data from market intelligence reports, client surveys and consultant analysis to create our latest Salary Guide for Financial Services in Scotland.

This guide is aimed at helping financial services organisations benchmark salary figures and stay competitive when securing talent, as well as giving candidates a view on where guaranteed compensation is sitting for their position.

Take a look at some of the key take-outs from the guide below, or click here to download a copy for yourself. 

  • In 2018, Meraki Talent experienced a 23% increase in permanent hiring and 32% increase in interim roles.
  • Job creation in Scotland outstripped that in London with a 10,000 person increase in direct employment in the financial services market.
  • The report analyses the reasons behind the Scottish sector’s strong year, from the rise of FinTech to Scotland’s locational advantages for global firms. It also takes a closer look at the different sub-sectors within Scotland’s financial services ecosystem, detailing trends in banking, asset management, asset servicing, pensions, FinTech and wealth management specifically.

Read the full report on Scotland’s financial services market to get insights into recent salary trends, current recruiting demands, which markets are more candidate-driven, hiring hot spots, and average salary uplifts needed for candidates to move firms. Take a look here. 

Download our Salary Guide for Financial Services in Scotland