Why international experience will benefit your chartered accountancy career.

It’s no secret that international experience is valued highly by employers.  In an increasingly interconnected world, the capability to work effectively in a diverse workplace is crucial. Having insight into working globally is a game changer for UK chartered accountants, as the opportunities that come out of it are endless. When an employer sees someone with international experience, they know that the candidate will have a number of highly desirable and sought after skills. If you are considering an international move, Meraki Talent’s International team can help you through each stage of the process to ensure it’s an easier transition than you ever could have imagined.   

Top 10 reasons why you should consider it

  1. Nobody can deny it, making an international career move can be hugely beneficial to your professional development. The experience you can gain is invaluable and will increase your future prospects– how many of the partners or directors in your current firm worked abroad? I’ll guess quite a few. 
  2. The chance to work with a new client base, bigger clients or on more advanced engagements. This will increase your client experience, technical knowledge and see things from a different perspective. 
  3. Working internationally will enhance your experience within specific industries and allows you to develop your knowledge in different or new areas e.g. US GAAP or PCAOB. 
  4. The offices are often smaller in offshore hubs (if you pick such a location), meaning that you have the opportunity to work more closely with your clients and often directly with the partner on a regular basis. 
  5. Working in an globally recognised and respected location can fast-track you for promotion either abroad, or if you decide to return home. 
  6. Working overseas will expand your networkextensively and give you chance to improve your interpersonal and communication abilities by working and socialising with people from different cultures all over the world. 
  7. You can benefit from superior working conditions, such as a better work/life balance, an easier commute, or better weather, whilst not having to compromise on the standard of the work you do, or your salary. 
  8. Increased earning potential and lower taxes in some (or in some cases like the Cayman Islands- no tax). 
  9. An international move also gives you an opportunity to learn about different cultures, make friends from all over the world and a chance to learn a new language.
  10. 10. You will get the chance to explore new locations and broaden your horizons at weekends and during holidays.


There are many compelling positives resulting from taking the leap towards an international career move but it is not for everyone. The initial move can be challenging and it can often take time to settle into new surroundings. Obtaining a visa and the re-locating process itself can be stressful and expensive, although most companies do offer relocation support to alleviate the stress. Another key thing to know before you start your international search is timing is key. Many locations recruit on a seasonal basis, which candidates need to be aware of if they are looking at relocating to a specific location.

 Although an international career change can seem a little scary, the experiences gained from it, both professional and personal, are definitely worth the risk. We have a numerous exciting International opportunities here at Meraki Talent.

 Nicola heads up Meraki Talent’s international team and she would be happy to talk through any questions you have. Give her a call, or drop her an email and find out what’s available for you, 0141 648 9410 or nicola.martin@merakitalnt.com.