Why you should consider a move to the Netherlands

The Netherlands, famously known for its canals, tulip fields, windmills and beautiful cycling routes. Located in northwestern Europe, the country has liberal views and a modern outlook. This is two of the many reasons the country is increasing in popularity as an expat destination. Meraki Talent recruits across various cities including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, to name a few.

The international team here at Meraki Talent have successfully helped a number of audit and tax professionals from across the world to secure new job opportunities and relocate to the Netherlands. Below are some of the many reasons why audit and tax professionals consider taking up an opportunity in the Netherlands.

The Dutch economy is booming, with projected growth of 3¼% in 2018, as it benefits from a rise in exports and an increase in domestic spending and investment. Increasing economic activity has had a positive impact on the job market, opening up a lot of exciting opportunities for candidates. Business activity in the Netherlands is expected to increase further following Brexit, as companies begin to relocate.

The OECD Better Life Index ranks the Netherlands the highest in terms of work-life balance; only 0.5% of Dutch employees regularly work very long hours, meaning expats have more time to spend with family and explore everything else the Netherlands has to offer.

Expats are often attracted to the Netherlands when they hear about the 30% tax ruling. The ruling is a Dutch tax exemption for highly skilled employees who were hired from abroad; if the conditions are met, the employer is allowed to pay 30% of your salary as a tax-free allowance.

Dutch culture is renowned for being relaxed, liberal and multicultural, which attracts a large expat community. Whilst Dutch is the first language in the Netherlands, English is widely spoken and a lot of firms (particularly in the bigger cities), have English speaking offices.

The Netherlands is in the heart of Europe and home to one of the biggest and most central airports in Europe, Schiphol. With beautiful cities such as Copenhagen, Geneva, Paris and Berlin only a short flight away; weekend city breaks are a great way to explore Europe. 

With roughly 2.5 bikes per head in the Netherlands, the best way to get around is to cycle. Amsterdam has been ranked the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, and Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht all have a well-developed cycling infrastructure, with many paths, signs, signals and traffic lights designated solely for cyclists.

These are only a few of the endless benefits a career move to the Netherlands could bring you. If you are interested in discussing a move to the Netherlands within audit or tax, contact Nicola Goedkoop at nicola.goedkoop@merakitalent.com for more information.


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