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MT future of work

What will the future of work look like and what it means for your staff?

The whirlwind of 2020 has left many of us wondering what the future of work will look like in 2021. Hiring managers have had to quickly adopt to online interviewing, line managers think of ways to motivate teams and monitor employee productivity, while HR and IT departments have been left with countless additional tasks, from writing new policies to ensuring computer systems are robust and functional.

07/12/2020 by Andrew Welsh

MT office

The future face of the office - what will the office look like in 2021?

Covid-19 has challenged some of the preconceived views on employee productivity in the office. A lot of businesses have found that remote working has brought out the best in their employees, and in fact the demand to go back to the office is incredibly low. With giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce embracing a complete remote working model until summer 2021, a lot of smaller businesses are following suit.

03/12/2020 by Andrew Welsh

Meraki Diversity image

Three simple tips to kick-start diversity and inclusion in your organisation

Despite an increasing number of organisations having diversity and inclusion strategies and training in place nowadays, not all companies are as active as they could be in their commitment to workplace diversity. The 2018 Top 50+50 survey found that 96% of firms have a diversity or equality policy, yet when it came to employing a dedicated diversity director, only 28% of firms have one.

17/11/2020 by Andrew Welsh

Meraki Talent November blog image v2

How can I get motivated in an uncertain world?

Whether you are burnt out from working from home, or actively job hunting after furlough or redundancy, I think it is safe to say that a lot of us are struggling with motivation. In normal times, many people find November a challenging month to get motivated. Christmas is just around the corner; the evenings get darker by the day and the weather gets colder by the hour.

05/11/2020 by Andrew Welsh

October candidate blog v3

Age is not just a number

With National Inclusion Week recently behind us, Meraki Talent take a look at diversity and inclusion within financial services. While diversity and inclusion covers gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, age can be overlooked. As financial service workers of all levels of experience are searching for their next roles, we explore the topic of age. Age is not just a number, but represents industry experience, qualifications and varying salaries.

15/10/2020 by Andrew Welsh