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Get the most comprehensive overview of 2024 accounting and finance salaries in Scotland.

Empower yourself with the latest information about salary and hiring trends in Scotland. With trends and analysis to support your business strategy and job search.

Whether you are looking to find out what you should or could be earning, or looking to benchmark average salaries for your finance and accounting teams, our Salary Guide is your must-read resource in 2024.

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Who is the Salary Guide for?

Use our Salary Guide to discover the average pay for someone with similar experience as you and view your earning potential.​ You’ll find out what a reasonable salary is for the job and industry you are in or are thinking of moving into.

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Benchmark your salary

For recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters, and talent acquisition professionals, our salary guide gives you the benchmark you need. The Scottish finance and accountancy market is ever-changing, so ensuring you are offering the most competitive salaries will help you attract and retain skilled finance talent.

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Salary Guide key findings

  • Despite economic challenges, the demand for finance professionals in Scotland remained high in 2023. The lack of training contracts during the pandemic contributed to the demand.
  • Professional services firms, especially the Big 4, have raised basic compensation to retain newly qualified accountants.
  • The demand for skills is high. The best talent is being snapped up, with some processes taking under a week, even at senior and management levels.
  • Advice to clients: Define roles and align stakeholders before commencing hiring.

What does the Salary Guide cover?

The guide covers six areas in the practice market, including

  • Audit
  • Business
  • Services
  • Tax
  • Corporate Finance
  • Payroll

The Salary Survey also examines salaries in commercial and industrial (C&I), public sector, and financial services.

There are also exclusive insights from industry experts. Read what Michael McAllister, Partner at Johnston Carmichael Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers, and Lyn Calder, Managing Partner, Edinburgh and Corporate Finance Partner at AAB have to say.

Our Outlook for 2024

In 2023, there was a continued strong demand for transactional accounting to the qualified manager level across all sectors and we expect this to continue in 2024. The corporate finance recruitment market has had an interesting time in recent years. The post-Covid-19 demand for talent in 2022 was exceptional but this cooled off in 2023 as the economy felt the pinch and the market took a hit. This year is shaping up to be a much healthier one for corporate finance in the owner-managed business space, and we’re already seeing the demand for experienced deal-doers increasing again.

In 2023, there was a preference for fixed-term employee contracts over daily rates. We expect this trend to continue into 2024 due to cost considerations.

The outlook for 2024 is bright from a hiring perspective for finance professionals, despite the economic headwinds the Scottish economy is experiencing.

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