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Introducing Tracy Freeman - an interview with Meraki Talent’s new Director of HR

Meet Tracy Freeman, Director of HR and Executive Support at Meraki Talent. Tracy joined Meraki Talent in January 2024. Tracy brings over a decade of experience, having navigated leadership roles in recruitment consultancies and boutique agencies. Tracy’s expertise lies in developing collaborative partnerships, creating bespoke solutions, and promoting a forward-thinking ethos in the dynamic world of HR and executive support.

We speak to Tracy to find out what attracted her to Meraki Talent, her love for human resources, what she hopes to bring to Meraki Talent and how she sees HR recruitment changing.

What attracted you to working at Meraki Talent?

The opportunity to build a new HR & Executive Support division within an already established recruitment organisation was a major draw. Creating something inspiring, coupled with the drive and inspiration of Meraki's founders, Laura and Andrew, made it an opportunity I couldn't resist. Who wouldn’t want to be part of their journey?

Meraki Talent is known for its unique approach to recruitment. How do you plan to contribute to and enhance the distinctive culture that sets Meraki apart in the industry?

Championing a personalised recruitment journey will be the hallmark of our approach. Continuing collaborative partnerships is key. By building strong relationships with clients and candidates and understanding their unique needs, aspirations, and pain points, we can tailor solutions. Our collaborative mindset and innovative methods set us apart from our competitors. Thinking beyond traditional methods, we can attract diverse and exceptional professionals who align with Meraki Talent’s forward-thinking ethos.

How do you balance client and candidate needs?

Both client and candidate needs are equally important. Drawing on my experience, my role as an experienced recruiter is to bring them together.

What qualities are crucial for success in HR roles today?

Human resources professionals play a pivotal role in shaping organisational success. HR professionals must navigate ever-changing policies, technologies, and workforce dynamics. Success in HR today demands adaptability and agility, empathy, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, tech-savviness, ethical decision-making, effective communication skills, and cultural competence, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

What are your predictions for HR hiring in 2024?

HR hiring in 2024 will focus on internal leadership and management development, succession planning, and assessing the impact of hybrid working on organisational culture. HR technologies, especially AI tools, will play a significant role in reshaping HR and recruitment processes.

My predictions include the rise of fractional workforces, offering flexibility, and prioritising skills over qualifications. There will be an increasing importance of value alignment as candidates want to align with company values. And, of course, AI tools becoming standard in HR and recruitment processes.

What excites you the most about the future of recruitment?

The fact that the market has picked up again. And the fact that I have this new exciting challenge to build something out at Meraki Talent. Witnessing the ever-changing market and skill set requirements within HR is also exciting. As is seeing where artificial intelligence takes us. How AI reshapes HR practices adds an extra layer of excitement to the journey ahead!

To find out more, contact Tracy on 0207 101 5365 or email

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