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In-house or Agency?

In-house or Agency- Where is best to kick-start your marketing career?  Marketing professionals usually have the choice of two different career routes to explore; they can go down the in-house path, becoming truly specialised in their chosen brand’s industry or they go down the agency route; where they will work alongside creative individuals and work ahead of trends.

31/07/2018 by Scott Caithness

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Considering going Contracting? Top 5 things to consider

So far the contracting market has been busier than ever, and those who navigate the market successfully, have the potential to thrive. What’s not to love about contracting? The money, the flexibility, being your own boss and career development. As desirable as the advantages of contracting are, it does come with certain pitfalls and if you are thinking of taking the leap from permanent to contract, there are a number of things to consider.     1.

24/07/2018 by Gordon Willmott


Why international experience will benefit your chartered accountancy career.

It’s no secret that international experience is valued highly by employers.  In an increasingly interconnected world, the capability to work effectively in a diverse workplace is crucial. Having insight into working globally is a game changer for UK chartered accountants, as the opportunities that come out of it are endless. When an employer sees someone with international experience, they know that the candidate will have a number of highly desirable and sought after skills.

16/07/2018 by Nicola Martin

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CASS Hiring in Scotland

Given the recent change in CASS regulations, the success of platform businesses and the evolving distribution landscape, the past 12 months have been a great time to be a CASS professional. Salaries have been on the rise, the variety of roles on offer has increased and there as been no shortage of project based work in this space or employers to choose from.

10/07/2018 by Chris Wilson


Financial Services Hiring in Glasgow

Glasgow’s financial services district, has enjoyed a buoyant 2018 for hiring after a muted 2017.  The city is competing well to become an attractive location for both existing firms and next market entrants to base staff from.  Alongside being attractive from both a talent and cost perspective, Glasgow Region City Deal is investing in improving the cities infrastructure with hopes to reach their goal of becoming the most productive major city economy in the UK by 2023.

03/07/2018 by Andrew Beattie