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WFH Survival Tips

We are living through unprecedented times and I certainly won’t be flying the it’s “business as usual” flag, which is the stance many are presenting online at least at the minute.   We are living through a major world event and for most of us the safety of our family and friends is foremost in our minds, and keeping up with news, events and impacts is very challenging to say the least.

23/03/2020 by Andrew Welsh

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Meraki Talent - Service Continuity

COVID-19 Service Continuity

17/03/2020 by Andrew Welsh

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2020 Hiring Market Trends in Scotland’s Financial Sector

In times of uncertainty, hiring interim resources would be the most measured approach for Financial Services firms. In recent times this has been complicated by the upcoming roll out of offpayroll rules to the private sector which come into place in April 2020.

11/02/2020 by Andrew Welsh

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Meraki Talent's Eco Office Initiative

The environment is never far from the headlines and with more and more people becoming eco-conscious (who remembers when straws were plastic and plastic bags were free?!) it is also becoming a bigger factor in who potential employees will choose to work for.

24/10/2019 by Andrew Welsh

Keith Brooks

Interview with the expert – what to consider from a financial perspective when moving from permanent to contracting

Flexibility and freedom are two words that typically come to mind when you think of contract or part-time work. However, with flexibility and freedom, there is also more financial responsibility and risk to be considered. We sat down with Keith Brooks, Chartered Financial Planner at Aberdein Considine, to discuss in depth the key aspects contractors should be considering when they are looking at their own financial planning needs.

09/10/2019 by Andrew Welsh