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Four Top tips for interview prep

Four top tips for interview prep

Let’s state the obvious. A job interview involves a lot more than just talking about yourself. You need to prepare. Yes, the interviewer is going to be thinking “can this person do this job?”, but they’re also considering whether you’ll fit in with the rest of the team and whether you’ve got the commitment to do it.

07/03/2019 by Andrew Welsh

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Why I joined Meraki

After six years with my previous company, I decided I needed a change and started to consider what I wanted from a future employer.  There were many things I considered to be essential (the same as many candidates!) such as salary, opportunities for career development, training and a strong client portfolio. But the thing that was most important to me was the people that worked there, I had to believe in them.



First steps into networking

We’ve all been told that building our own ‘brand’ is important for our own personal career development. The majority of us view building our ‘personal brand’ as low priority and fail to invest enough time and effort into developing this. Working in recruitment, I already develop my brand as a result of the number of candidates I place and the service I give to my clients, therefore, I didn’t think it needed to be developed further.

08/01/2019 by Sarah Hutchinson


Why you should consider a move to the Netherlands

The Netherlands, famously known for its canals, tulip fields, windmills and beautiful cycling routes. Located in northwestern Europe, the country has liberal views and a modern outlook. This is two of the many reasons the country is increasing in popularity as an expat destination. Meraki Talent recruits across various cities including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, to name a few.

07/08/2018 by Nicola Goedkoop

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In-house or Agency?

In-house or Agency- Where is best to kick-start your marketing career?  Marketing professionals usually have the choice of two different career routes to explore; they can go down the in-house path, becoming truly specialised in their chosen brand’s industry or they go down the agency route; where they will work alongside creative individuals and work ahead of trends.

31/07/2018 by Scott Caithness