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What to do when the Contract Market ‘Tanks’

 It’s good to see the contract market creak back into motion in Scotland after a quiet period within the interim and contract project space. Since the news surrounding W&G was announced in August, the bank had huge amounts of contractors, some long-standing career contractors, recent contractors having joined from permanent roles a matter of weeks previous.

02/05/2017 by Gordon Willmott


Scotland’s Investment Operations market, steady in face of political change

As I slowly awoke on Friday 24th of June to discover the UK had voted to leave the EU, my instincts, as it was for many I’m sure, was “what will this mean for me?”   As a Financial Services recruiter the levels of activity and revenues in my sector are an acute indicator of both market and employer confidence and I must confess significant political change isn’t normally that good for business.

27/07/2016 by Nathan Macfie

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Want to recruit top Investment Operations professionals in Scotland? – it’s not just about the salary

The year was 2006.   Scotland’s Fund Management Houses were outsourcing their Operations to allow them to focus on growth.   Big name Service Providers came to the market with a thirst for talented Investment Operations professionals.   Fund Houses sought the “best of the best” to carry out oversight of their new business partners.

29/05/2016 by Andrew Welsh